Beitrittsdatum: 22. Juli 2022


And now we are preparing our apartment for sale. While you are looking for a buyer for the "three-ruble note", continue to search for "odnushki". Don't stop, look at all the options. Keep a list of apartments you are interested in. Keep an eye out for new properties that have entered the market

How to bargain when the buyer of your apartment asks for a price reduction? Look at the drawing. If the buyer of your “three-ruble note” talks about lowering the cost, remember that it is important for you not to sell more expensive, but to buy cheaper.

It is much more important to bargain not with buyers, but with owners of one-room apartments. (Drawing by Sergey Smirnov).

If you are being haggled to lower the price, start doing the same. Call the ads and explain: “We are now selling our “three rubles” and buying two “odnushki”. They give so much for our apartment. If you are ready to give us your apartment at such and such a price, we will accept the advance payment for ours and make a deal.” It is important for you to keep the balance of the transaction and remember the goal - you are not selling a "three", you are buying two "ones".



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